Beauty Trends

Do you sometimes feel there is pressure to follow beauty trends? Have you tried contouring, highlighting and using bright and vibrant eye make up?

Or do you just want a daytime look that is elegant and chic?

At the Boutique, we LOVE beauty and all the amazing cosmetics that help us look fantastic. However we are also a destination for those of us who just want to look like ourselves, but a little better, fresher, brighter. And we also want to ensure our brands help with pampering and self care.

At the moment, bold eyewear is having a revival. Rainbow hues - reds, oranges and yellows can make all tones pop, you can be as loud as you like or just soft. Alternatively, blues, purples and greens can also be used as an accent to your daytime make up, or as a really dramatic splash of colour, perfect to cheer us up during a British summer.

We are loving this drama from Lupita N’yongo - shimmery eyelids and heavy liner.

Lupita Nyongo

Your kind of style? Why not try the V. Lace Maya palette? All these colours and more.

V Lace Palette

On the flip side, there is the fresh faced, natural glow championed by Meghan Markle. Her radiant skin, complete with freckles, subtle pink lip colour and soft smoky eye is more practical for every day and looks very sophisticated.

Meghan Markle

For a natural looking blush and smooth skin finish, we love the Christal cosmetics range.

If you look on our website and socials, we are all about empowering independent business and supporting all shades of beauty.

Seemingly opposite, but linked by their independence and poise, both Lupita and Meghan embody the spirit of the Boutique.

Of course, we’re not saying everyone should want to look like either of these lovelies. But it is encouraging to see more women of colour in the public eye, representing various beauty, make up and hairstyles. No matter what is being said about them, they always give us something to look at!

You don’t have to be a royal or a Hollywood A lister to look fabulous, all of our Boutiquers already are. If you do want some inspiration however, check us out, we aim to offer you the best.make up for your skin tone, and natural skincare avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Stick with us and you will always be on trend. Check out our Brown Beauty Boutique here

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