Why is Meghan Unfairly Criticised in The Press?

Since dating Prince Harry and entering the British Monarchy, Meghan Markle has been constantly criticised in the British press. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex have been fairly outspoken on social issues. Yet, still negative news gears towards Meghan.


The former Suit’s star of mixed heritage has made a diverse mark through marrying into the Monarchy. However, even when dating Prince Harry, the press attacked her. Racist remarks connecting her to ‘Straight Outta Compton’ were made, despite her being from LA. And the criticism has unfortunately continued thereafter.

After Marriage

A Force For Change is the title of Vogue’s September issue, guest-edited by Meghan. However, unsurprisingly, this too was vastly criticised, despite royals who have previously worked with the publication to feature on the cover. Yet, some press outlets have twisted this suggesting that Meghan guest-edited to ‘hit-out’ at previous royals. Moreover, Meghan received backlash online for wearing an off-shoulder dress, yet Kate Middleton has worn several of these and has not received the same response.

This all adds to the unfavourable picture the media are desperately trying to paint of Markle. Prince Harry has spoken out about this, warning that people should be aware of their unconscious bias. The way the press treat Meghan strongly suggest it is linked to her ethnicity and background. The language used in the press in many of these outlets often words to suggest she is an outsider.

The girl can’t even eat an avocado in peace! It just goes to further show that there’s still much work to be done for diversity in Britain. One thing’s for sure is that we, The Brown Beauty Boutique, support Meghan and all Women Of Colour trying to do their best in this western world, against oppositions.

If you are one of these women, feel free to browse our store.

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