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Keeping your hair looking good can be time consuming, but it doesn’t always have to be so difficult. After a while, we all find way to make our hair work - no matter how you want to style it.

The important thing is to find products that can realistically fit into your lifestyle. Yes, it looks great to watch videos with 10 different products, but not all of us can do that every day. If you can and want to, go for it. But in reality, most of us only need to keep our hair washed and conditioned, and then treated with some kind of cream or lotion to give moisture and extras for sheen and shine. Regular conditioning is key for all hair types of course, and whether your hair is natural or in a protective style, we just need to keep showing the love.

If you are happy with your look but perhaps are curious about what goes into your haircare, then give us a try. Our brands are all natural and focus on avoiding unnecessary ingredients, making these good for all the family too. Everything we put on our hair goes into our system so we have to be careful, right?

Fear not. We have you covered at our Boutique!

Almocado is a range of products created for diverse hair conditions. From helping with growth to adding moisture or caring for locs, this is naturally formulated hair care that gets to the root of the problem. Why not try the Energising Hair oil for nourishment and shine?

Almocado Energising Hair Oil

CLEAN have a juicy range of deep conditioners with fruits and natural oils, to help seal in and protect your crown. Check them out here.

CLEAN Lavender Whipped Coconut Conditioner

We have several other brands, all designed for brown beauties including Joliette and L.O.G Cosmetics who also do some great targeted hair care. We have a wide choice because everyone has different needs. Our Boutique celebrates that fact.

L>O>G Cosmetics HairCare

If you want to improve hair growth and tackle breakage from within, check out the hair vitamins by SuperFoodLx who firmly believe that proper nutrition for the hair can make a huge difference to its health, and we agree. If you want to commit to healthier hair, combining supplements with proper hair care will work wonders.

SuperFood LX Hair Supplement

Basically, our Boutique should be your one stop shop for glorious hair. Rock that barnet with pride! Shine on.

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