Pucker Up

There is nothing like changing your lipstick to improve your mood or update your look. It is hard to explain exactly why lipstick can make such a difference to us but it is definitely the one piece of make up most of us can’t do without.

Lady with lipstick

Lipstick can make you look properly “made up” and polished even if you’re not wearing any other makeup.

There are all sorts of lip colour products - lip glosses, lip stains as well as the traditional lipstick. You can even find tinted lip balms for everyday use. We’re simply spoilt for choice.

Lady applying lipstick

Remember though, anything you use on your lips should be nourishing and softening, as the skin on the lips is very sensitive. Most lip products are designed to improve the condition of the skin, which means that any colour you add should last for longer.

And we all want our lipstick to stay on as long as possible. Even though that is not really realistic and we should touch it up regularly.

Brysocrema Lipsticks

Our Boutique has a great selection of deeply pigmented lipsticks and matt liquid lippies, which will enhance your skin tone to give you a dramatic look or a natural, easy to wear daytime effect. These all glide smoothly on to your lips and give you a gorgeous, sexy pout.

V Lace Cosmetics and Brysocrema have a fabulous range of lipsticks in colours from chocolate and nude to bright red, pink and purple. There is a kaleidoscope of shades here with something for everyone, including a matt nude named Latte and a golden shimmery liquid lipstick, cleverly named Pharoah.

V Lace Cosmetics Pharoah

Do check them out here and find the new lipstick that’s right for you. Pucker up!

Check out our range of lippies here

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