Summer is Here. It's Time to Polish Up Your Act.

Boutiquers, we are now ready to wear our floaty summer dresses and sandals and bare our bodies in skimpy bikinis and swimsuits. Our physique may be beach body ready but is our skin? After a winter under tights and jumpers, our skin could do with some gentle pampering and tender loving care, so why not explore the body products we have in the Boutique?

Black Beauty in Caribbean Sea Martinique

It is natural for skin on the body to become ashy and dull with no attention. Removing dead layers is the best way to rejuvenate and beautify yourself. Exfoliating at home, a couple of times a week, can reveal glowing skin ready for brighter days. Also, creams and lotions will absorb better on fresh, clean skin. The benefits of exfoliating are:

Creates even skin tone

Increases blood circulation

Improves skin texture

Leaves your skin feeling super smooth

Revives dull dry skin

Sheds dead skin cells reducing fine lines and wrinkles

CLEAN Handmade Cosmetics have a fabulous range of sugar and salt scrubs. Infused with essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and cinnamon, mixed with coffee, chai and black tea, these are a healthy and natural way to revitalise neglected areas of the body. With so many blends, you will easily find the one for you plus the gorgeous scents revive you as you scrub. Delicious.

Clean Handmade Cosmetics

Clean Handmade Cosmetics

Margaret Rose, another one of our favourite brands, uses natural oils and butters to bring delicious textures to your skin. The Body Scrub, pumped full of strawberry and raspberry seeds, honey and sea salt, gives skin a radiant glow.

Margaret Rose Body Scrub

The Body Balm is rich, mango coloured butter bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, smelling of citrus and sunny days. This is the perfect follow up to any scrub, or if you prefer a more creamy texture, the Body Cream is whipped and deeply nourishing for long lasting hydration.

Margaret Rose Body Balm

We have many options for easy body care so have a look and polish up your act!

Brown Beauty on Beach

Get Beach Body skin with our Bath and Body range here

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