In The Spotlight - The Maya Palette From V Lace Cosmetics

Let’s get colourful! Why not make 2018 the year you try some new beauty trends?

Make up and colour cosmetics are the fastest growing sections of the UK beauty market right now.

We pride ourselves on offering you the brightest and the best for brown beauties and V. Lace Cosmetics are no exception. This dynamic brand, was launched by Vanessa Brobbey, a make- up addict who clearly loves to make an impact. One of the stand out products is the Maya Palette eyeshadow collection, our bestselling product at BeautyCon London last December.

Maya Palette from V Lace Cosmetics

Maya Palette V.Lace Cosmetics

Usually, make up palettes have some fabulous colours, and then a few which we all know we’ll never use.

Not this one!

Covering a comprehensive range of shades from subtle nudes to deep rich reds and browns, the Maya Palette also has bright greens, blues, purple, yellow and shimmery tones too.

The pigment level is PHENOMENAL, and the eyeshadows are created with finely milled powders, layered with vitamin E so they are gentle and skin friendly.

Maya Palette V.Lace Cosmetics

These are very easy to apply, either with your fingers or with a brush. Each colour is multi- faceted and blends really well with each other. There is complexity of hues on offer, you can create your own rainbow! If you want to create a smoky eye - we’ve got you covered. If you want to try dramatic, creative colour blocking - go for it. Basically, you can develop hundreds of looks from one palette and never get bored.

Also, the product is formulated with care so you’ll find the shades long lasting and versatile, easy to mix with other make up too, if you wish. And there is some glitter too…!

Maya Palette V Lace Cosmetics

Check out the Maya palette for yourself here and let’s make this year your most colourful yet.

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