What Is Fullers Earth?

Fullers Earth (aka Multani Mitti) is a type of clay which is the result of decomposed volcanic ash containing a range of various minerals such as magnesium, quartz, silica, iron, calcium, calcite and dolomite. Its name derives from the clays use in the early English wool industry where it was used by “Fullers” (a person who cleanses wool) to degrease and clean woollen cloth during the fulling process, because of its oil absorbing abilities.

Fullers Earth

This absorbent clay material has a range of benefits:

1- Treat Acne

By ridding the skin of clogged pores and reducing excess oil.

2- Improves Skin Elasticity

Droopy and/or sagging skin is an old age problem and is from onset of ageing skin. Fullers Earth will help tighten skin, keep skin smooth and can improve skin elasticity.

3- Improves Your Complexion

An excellent cleansing agent, regular use of Fullers Earth can improve your skins complexion.

4- Absorbs Excess Oil From The Skin

Fullers Earth removes excess oil from the skin as well as unblocking pores and balancing the natural PH level of the skin.

5- Removes Dead Skin

Fullers Earth helps to exfoliate grease, grime, dirt and dry flakes from the skin.

We have a range of face masks and facial cleansers by CLEAN Handmade Cosmetics all containing Fullers Earth. These include:

CLEAN Tea Tree Fullers Earth Facial Cleanser

Promotes acne free healthy skin and to reduce blemishes with purifying and antibacterial Tea Tree essential oil.

CLEAN Tea Tree Fullers Earth Facial Cleanser

CLEAN Herbal Fullers Earth Clay Mask

This herbal blend of Fullers Earth calendula flowers, lavender buds and flaxseed will exfoliate and cleanse skin leaving it soft, clean and nourished.

CLEAN Herbal Fullers Earth Clay Mask

Remember Fullers Earth will greatly assist in the beautification and nourishment of your skin. Don’t take our word for it. Try the range and reap the benefits.

Shop the range here and do leave a review using the hashtag #CLEANFullerSkin

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