Becoming A Boss

Did you know it has been 2 years since we opened the Boutique? Well, time flies when you’re having fun.

Original Boutique

Our founder, Lorraine, had always wanted to create an environment selling beauty, make up and hair products for her skin type and shade, without having to travel miles and miles or find that the darkest shades were sold out or worse still, not even stocked.

Lorraine James

Once she started on this journey, Lorraine realised that this would also be a way to empower small businesses, or anyone else with a beauty dream and create something for the community which wasn’t there before. So, armed with passion and determination, she set about finding like minded beauty creators and carefully selected products she believed in for the Boutique.

We have been able to present a comprehensive selection of beauty for Brown Beauties, by Brown Beauties and are discovering new brands all the time.

LOG Cosmetics

It has not always been easy, but juggling a new business, family life, full-time job and the odd holiday, has become a way of life for this Beauty Boss. Along the way, the Boutique has gained friends, customers, suppliers and followers and we’d like to thank you all for being with us.

We’re really proud to have delivered what Lorraine envisioned, and to support all the other entrepreneurs who are breaking boundaries and making Brown Beauty available to all. We are also passionate about supporting British business.

Brysocrema Audacious Lipstick

We will be sharing some tips and advice from Lorraine in the future, but for now, please enjoy what our Boutique has to offer, and watch out for new innovations in 2018.

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