The Forgotten Beauty Market- The 40+ Woman

A couple of interesting posts were on Instagram recently. They were on the use of young models to promote anti- ageing products and make up looks for women over 40.

A picture of a fresh looking 25 year old Cara Delevingne promoting Dior Capture Youth anti-ageing skincare looking the picture of youth and a fresh faced model again no older than 25 , the advert for make up looks for women over 40.

While I understand that the beauty industry is trying to sell a lifestyle image, do they really believe that women of a certain age are really that gullible?

One follower observed that stock image libraries tend to have women in their 60’s OR women in their 20’s/30’s. WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AGED 40-60?

There really is a gap in the market for beauty photos for the 40-60 demographic but surely the big beauty companies can source and use models or celebrities in this age range?

Marketing to the 40+ woman has to get smarter and companies need to remember that this age bracket has serious spending power. Currently, the only market where the 40+ consumer is the primary target are the pharmaceutical and retirement related sectors. With all due respect, if I become ill or have to look at my retirement pot, I still want to look beautiful while I do so!

40+ women are 90% more likely to be earning £40K plus. Research studies in 2013 found that going to the hairdresser, beauty products and wine are all more important to the 40+ woman than the younger woman. In 2018, this is still the case. This age bracket is also more involved with the digital world than the general advertiser thinks and indeed post on social media at least once a day. They also go to blogs and You Tube for reviews or will buy on word of mouth recommendations from their peers.

So big beauty and media brands beware! The 40+ woman is far from silly and will part with their hard earned cash on a product that is authentic, has proven results and is recommended by someone they know and trust.

Not by a glossy picture of a 25 year old supermodel.

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