Cruelty Free Kisses

The weather his spring has been a bit nuts here in the UK. February and March brought unprecedented snow and biting winds. Fast forward a few weeks and we are basking in Mediterranean temperatures. Apart from not knowing what on earth to wear, these extreme in temperatures cause havoc to your hair, skin and especially your lips.

The skin on our lips has just a third of the cellular layers of our skin and is therefore thinner than on any other part of our body. Coupled with the fact that lips do not have any moisturising sweat glands, dry cracked lips are inevitable.

Lips are not just an opening for food intake or for the formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech. Our lips are a sensory organ and an erogenous area used for kissing and intimacy. So we need to keep them peckers moisturised and chap free!

Boutiquers, you can keep cracked dry lips at bay with a double whammy of lip products from Clean Handmade Cosmetics.

Lip Scrubs

CLEAN Peppermint Lip Scrub

The lip scrubs are formulated with a blend of brown sugar, raw honey and organic virgin coconut oil to gently exfoliate the lips leaving them soft, nourished and moisturised. These cruelty free scrubs come in a range of flavours that include Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint and a clean simple unscented scrub, all formulated with pure, natural ingredients. The best way to apply your chosen scrub is with a clean soft toothbrush. Leave on the lips for 1 minute and let the scrub absorb on your lips. Then use a circular motion to firmly but gently exfoliate your lips. The scrub will rid your lips of dead dry skin leaving you with a softer smoother pout. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

Lip Balm

CLEAN Orange Lip Balm

Lock in moisture with Clean Handmade Cosmetics lip balm. There are 7 flavours including my favourite Orange Lip Balm. A fruity blend of Shea Butter, organic virgin coconut oil and beeswax leave the lips feeling hydrated and healthy. I always keep a tin in my handbag and apply topically as and when needed. I also apply at night before going to bed. During the night, your skin rises in temperature, so flushing out toxins and produces new skin cells. Lip balm helps keep these new skin cells smooth. It’s extra important to moisturise your skin and lips at night as your skin loses loads of moisture at night. It’s also imperative to apply lip balm on the area around your mouth as often the borders of the lips are the most chapped, along with the inner centre of the lower lip. And with the latest lipstick of choice being matt liquid lips which we know can be very drying, this lip balm also makes an excellent lip primer too. Oh and it smells absolutely lush!

So scrub away dull dead skin and infuse moisture to give cruelty free kisses and rejuvenate your smile, check out the range from Clean Handmade Cosmetics here.

Your pout will thank you for it.

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