Who are SuperFood LX?

SuperFood LX are an independent British brand with a real difference. We wanted to create products to repair damaged hair and accelerate hair growth because we know exactly what it’s like to suffer from brittle, breaking hair. Our aim is to make honest, lovingly formulated supplements and hair treatments that revive your hair and supply the nutrients and vitamins it really needs.

SuperFoodLX Hair Skin & Nails

We are all about hair, however our founders, mother and daughter Cherry and Paula Francis, also have expertise in health, nutrition and formulation. Our belief in quality plant ingredients and nutrition as the key to good health, led us to delve into the world of hair. We wanted to discover how to tackle hair loss and promote the healthy growth we all desire.

Mother & Daughter Team Cherry & Paula Francis

Every type of hair, curly, kinky, straight, wavy, chemically treated or natural, needs correct nutrition for growth and maintenance. We often come across conditioners and treatments that claim to perform miracles on our hair, but the chemicals in these could actually be making things worse! At SuperFood Lx, we’ve made it our mission to nurture the hair from within. We believe in using the purest and most potent natural ingredients we can find and taking an inside out approach to hair health.

Our vitamin supplements and hair treatment products are all manufactured in the UK, to high quality and ethical standards. Paula, our formulator, has a clear vision and only selects responsibly sourced materials. We don’t use any mineral oil, parabens, sulphates or other chemicals known to damage our health. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. We have set rigorous standards for our products and are proud of the care and attention that goes into each one.

You can read amazing testimonials from our lovely customers, who also send us before and after pictures showing what SuperFood LX can achieve. Our range can work wonders on all hair types and all ethnicities. You just have to understand what your hair needs and to give the nutrients time to work.

Megan Before & After

Ogechi Before & After

Leave the rest up to us and you may well be pleasantly surprised. Love your hair with SuperFood LX. We love hair too and that is why we are here for you.

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