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Who doesn’t love mascara? Don’t we all want thick lustrous lashes that enhance our eyes and make us feel pretty? There is always the option of going for false eyelashes but somehow mascara still seems to have a hold on us.

Why do we love eye make-up? Who has the answer? But you can be sure that our glamorous Boutiquers will know a thing or two about making those eyes look even more gorgeous.

Some days, you may want a fresh, natural look. Using a touch of mascara, this is possible and opens out the eyes and gives that doe eyed look. Then of course, there are times when you want all eyes to be on your eyes.

This calls for long, feathery lashes with drama and impact. And surprisingly, this look can be achieved with mascara alone, no need to add the falsies. Unless of course you have become addicted to them like many of us are now. Mascara can also be added to false lashes to boost their effect even more.

We have a great option for you at our Boutique. Our 100% natural mascara from Keziah Keren is a perfect solution for anyone who likes natural make up. Packed with plant waxes and pigments, this mascara can thicken your lashes whilst giving volume and definition.

Keziah Keren specialises in mineral make up and this product is actually vegan too. Who says healthy and natural products are not effective? This is a great mascara for sensitive eyes as well.

Keziah Keren Natural Mascara

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If you want to build on the drama, layering mascaras is a trick that gives your lashes some special oomph too, all you need is a bit of time to get the volume you’re looking for. Careful application is vital to stop it clumping up but if you know what you’re doing - you can get some fantastic looks.

We offer some truly amazing mascaras so please feast your eyes on our Boutique, soon.

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