Foundation Tips For The Brown Beauty

Foundation is a skin coloured makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin tone. Foundation is the key product to give your face a natural glow and form a beautiful canvas for your make up.

Black Secret MakeUp Africa Glow Foundation

Sometimes finding the correct shade for your skin can be very complicated, especially for dark skins.

Firstly, it is important to remember that no one really has perfectly even skin tone. Melanin is present in all skins, however in darker skins the melanin containing cells are larger and present in greater quantities. Everyone’s skin is wonderful and unique, however our colouring is never ever 100% the same across the whole face or body.

There will be some areas that need more coverage, and others that need less. To get a natural look, it is a good idea to really understand the different tones within your own skin and find the colours that bring out your natural beauty. If you want a properly made up look, then it’s a matter of finding the foundation that gives you the effect you want, light, medium or heavy coverage.

There are so many different textures of foundation and each type gives you a different effect.

Initially, you need to colour match which can prove extremely difficult for ladies at the darker end of the spectrum. We have ALL been to the major department stores and been colour matched by someone who does not look like us, does not understand the difference between red and yellow undertones and uneven pigmentation. How many of us have left looking like a clown?

The best part of the body to match your shade is your décolleté. Test two or three different foundation shades by swiping them on your décolleté. Your foundation should always match this area of your body and as a result, your overall foundation tone looks more natural.

However, we know that when going into a department store or drugstore, swiping foundation on your chest is not really feasible, so the next best place is the jawline. Again swipe two or three near shades to ascertain the closest match. The above mentioned colour matching methods works for both liquid and powder foundations.

Foundation Types

Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Powder Foundation is very lightweight and gives light to medium coverage.

It can be worn by all ages and skin types - normal, oily or combination and works very well for acne prone skin. This foundation is great I for women who like natural organic makeup.

This type of foundation can be worn 24 hours, as it is free of harsh chemical and preservatives.

A few companies are jumping on the natural organic movement and are bandying some fakes about so do check the ingredients carefully to find the real ones. If your pot contains talc powder in the list of ingredients, it’s not an authentic mineral powder. Mineral powder is formulated to let the skin breathe. Talc powder does the opposite as it clogs pores and creates acne.

Mineral powder foundations use natural pigments to reflect the light and allow your skin to glow in a natural way. The trick with these is to use a good brush that evenly distributes the powder and boost your skin’s radiance.

Keziah Keren Mineral Powder

Check out the Keziah Keren mineral foundations at our boutique. Click here.

Cream or Cream to Powder Foundations

These foundations have an oil-based emollient creamy thick texture. They are normally waterproof and give a full opaque matt coverage. Cream foundation is the heaviest of all the foundations.

It can be worn by people who have normal to dry skin and has the ability to last up to 8 -10 hours with just a touch up of powder around lunchtime.

Cream foundation is best when paired with a translucent powder, loose or pressed.

If you prefer slightly matte coverage, why not try L.O.G Cosmetics cream or powder foundations.

LOG Cosmetics Covergirls

These come in a wide range of dark shades. Click here.

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations are mainly water-based, oil-free and lightweight liquid makeup, with a silky smooth texture. Liquid foundation has a light to medium coverage and usually have an SPF to provide protection from the sun.

Black Secret Liquid foundations are formulated to blend in easily and give great coverage.

Black Secret Make Up Viva Expresso Liquid Foundation

These can also enhance your skin’s undertones as well as your overall colour, without feeling heavy or sticky. Click here

In the warmer months, some of us find we need a darker foundation as our skin takes on a tan.

If this is you, we recommend having 2 foundations, one for the cold months when your skin is paler and one for holiday tanned skin.

If your skin tone has a lot of uneven pigmentation, it might be an idea to mix and blend your light and dark shades all year round, to get the colour just right. Women of colour often have lighter tones in the centre of their faces, while their jawlines and the areas around their hairlines tend to be darker. Try using a lighter foundation on your T-zone area and applying a darker shade around your hairline and jawline blending to get an even overall tone.

We are lucky enough to have a great selection of shades for Brown Beauties so do browse through our Boutique and bring out the beauty in your face.

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