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We review the Herbal Hair Masq by Almocado Naturals

There are so many ways to wear your hair and many of us change hairstyles on a regular basis. However, it takes more than just shampoo and conditioner to get those locks glowing, and it’s hard to know where to find the right products.

If you wear your hair in a natural style, then you probably have a good routine for the washing, treatment, conditioning etc., but even with protective styles, it is vital to look after the natural hair underneath and use good products to help it grow.

Almocado, have created a natural and organic Herbal Hair Masq as a pampering treatment that also helps stimulate and improve the condition of your hair.

Almocado Herbal Hair Masq Conditioning Treatment

This is a creamy paste with a pale minty green colour and a fresh herbal fragrance that hits you as soon as you take off the lid. The blend of rosemary, bay, peppermint and sage really awakens your senses. These essential oils have been specially selected for their fragrance and also to stimulate the hair and scalp.

The Herbal Hair masq contains also contains nettle extract for re-growth, bamboo for protection and strength, seaweed to feed your hair follicles, and the herb horsetail, for natural conditioning.

Almocado Herbal Hair Masq

This is an organic, handmade product and really feels like it. As you scoop up the first lightly whipped handful, you’ll see it only takes a little to coat the hair and it is easy to apply. It slides down the hair really well, doesn’t feel sticky or heavy, and helps the hair feel more flexible, even whilst you apply it.

We love the minty herbal aroma – it is totally exhilarating and a complete change to the usual sticky chemical fragrances normally associated with hair products!

Once you rinse the mask off, your hair will feel more supple, squeaky clean but not stripped, soft and springy.

Almocado advise you to leave this in from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your needs. We’d recommend using this once a week as a deep conditioner, twice if you have very long, thirsty or dried out hair.

Almocado Hair Masq

With continued use, you will notice that this mask is making your hair feel more bouncy and soft. The herbal ingredients work together to give your hair a healthy and natural feel, and the chance to breathe.

Wash. Mask. Condition. Enjoy!

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