Silk Scarves For Your Hair

No matter how you wear your hair, there is a lot to be said for making sure you protect your tresses at night. Many of us have taken the path from hair net to hair cap and will know that familiar feeling when you wake up and wonder what happened to your hair or the covering? Or, perhaps you fall into the camp of using any tired old scarf you find, as long as your hair is hidden, meaning the look is anything but glamorous. Oh dear.

For ages, we’ve been advised to sleep on silk pillows rather than cotton, because the lovely silk fibres are less damaging to the delicate keratin our hair is made from and in fact, silk has a reputation for helping reduce breakage for all hair types.

If silk bed linen is perhaps a step too far, then the solution is of course a silk scarf. Firstly it is much less expensive and therefore easy to maintain, and secondly a scarf gets in direct contact with your hair so starts to soothe and cocoon the hairs as soon as you tie it up, even before you hit the pillow.

We have some wonderful examples of excellent quality and beautifully designed silk scarves in our boutique, so you can look stylish at the same time. It’s hard to just throw these on without a second glance, especially as Ayamour have added gorgeous satin ties to the end of their 100% silk scarves, which make these super easy to secure and a pleasure to wear. They are a good size, so work with all types of hairstyles, extensions or natural.

There is of course, a real risk you might want to take these colourful head wraps out instead of just for sleeping. That’s ok too. Anything you do to protect your hair that looks good, works whenever you want it to.

So check these out and love your locks!

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