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We talk to Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, Spiritulist and Model Antoniadoux about starting her blog, the Law of Attraction and the Big Chop

Antoniadoux Before Big Chop

What motivated/inspired you to start AntoniaDoux?

I became motivated to begin Antoniadoux, through my love of writing, the joy of being an entertainer and wanting to share that with the world. When people read my pieces, view my pictures, read my articles and watch my videos – I want them to feel enlightened, happier and more confident. Through Fashion, skincare and the whole idea of improving ones lifestyle.

How did you settle on the name choice?

My name comes from my middle name Savanna ‘Antonia’ and Doux means ‘sweet’ in French. I chose to use a different name because Antonia represents the woman that every day I am becoming.

Describe/outline your typical day?

My typical day (if I’m not working) will involve going to the gym, for a walk and cooking new nutritious meals. Before this I will begin my day meditating, using apps such as ‘calm’ or simply finding a guided meditation playlist on YouTube. On my days off, I work on myself, I work on raising my energy and vibration. I’ll catch up on or plan new work or future projects. I dream. Days like this are important to make sure I’m always in flow and that I'm centred. You cannot expect to achieve or travel anywhere when you are disconnected from your inner self.

What were the first few steps you took to get your blog up and running?

The first steps I took to get my blog up and running was planning. I looked at the bloggers who inspired me, and the people I aspired to be like. I had a vision in my head of exactly who I wanted to be and what that person looked like and I began writing. I found a nice easy platform to use, for me that was ‘weebly’ and then I began planning around that!

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

I don't like to label other bloggers or creatives as competitors, as competing gives the idea that there are only a limited amount of spaces for the destination I want to be at. There is space for all of us at the top! We’re all stronger when we collaborate and work together! What distinguishes me from my fellow creatives is my free spirit and love of life. As a fashion blogger, beauty and lifestyle blogger there is this stigma that we all have to look good constantly, that we all have an abundance of money and that we’re all serious fashion critics. I love all styles, and I have a magnetic sense of humour which I love to share with people.

How many hours do you work on your blog on a daily basis?

I use the quote “Do something everyday to bring you closer to your goals”. So where I may not spend hours a day working on a new blog post, I’ll look around me for inspiration, I’ll plan or take new pictures. I’ll network and engage with my followers to gain new ones.

What has been the best way/method that you have used to create awareness of your blog and reaching potential customers?

My best method to spread awareness for my blog, and my YouTube channel is through a quote YouTube Shameless Maya used which was “Shameless self promotion”. I try to post at least twice a day, if not a good few times a week. I support others that are growing like myself, because the more you engage with others the more they will engage with you.

You’re a spiritualist and believe in the Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma. Can you explain these laws further and the effects they have on your daily life?

The law of attraction is simple, and once you get to know and understand this law, your life will change forever. So many amazing people such as Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey, Will Smith and Albert Einstein speak of this law. The law of attraction put simply is ‘like attracts like’ if you are in a happy, kind state you will attract people in your life who are also in this state. Notice how people who always complain about money always attract more money problems? Notice how people who always complain about illness attract more illness? This is because you are a deliberate creator. If you think about something enough, it eventually becomes your reality. This is because you manifest it in your life. “Ask and it is given” the universe is always listening, and reacts to everything you think, say and do. This isn't religion, this is science. So with that being said, doesn't that mean you can manifest anything you want in your life? Both good and bad?

Karma is similar to this, ‘what goes around comes around’ if you act with love, then love is what guy receive back. This may not necessarily mean that if you share your sandwich with someone you’ll get a sandwich back, this may mean that if you give someone some of your sandwich, you’ll get something even greater! Someone may pay for your meal in the future! Or even cook you a dinner! The more you give the greater your reward will be! The more negativity you spread, the greater negativity you will receive! Hitler caused harm to millions of lives, does he, even though he is deceased, receive love and praise for his actions or is he known as one of the most hated men in history? With the understanding of both the law of attraction and karma, I am now cautious of how I behave. And this, I feel has made me a better person.

What has been your greatest challenge to date and how did you overcome this challenge?

My greatest challenge to date has been myself. Getting over self doubt, battling depression. I over came this through believing in myself. I surrounded myself with things that helped me to do so. Whether it was people that uplifted me, videos and books such as ‘The secret’ that all told me “you can”. Then one day, I put my anti-depressants in the bin, and the rest became history.

You recently chopped your natural hair for charity. Can you tell us what inspired your decision and more about the charity? How can anyone else get involved?

I recently did the Big Chop. A process within the natural hair community that describes cutting off all of your split and damaged hair, so you can start a journey of hair re-growth, thus your hair will be in turn healthier. I chose to do this because I mainly wear lace wigs and weaves as a protective style, and I was harbouring all of this thick Afro hair underneath that felt like it was only weighing me down. I thought, why not start a fresh, and while I'm at it, donate it to someone whom may benefit from it rather than wasting it. So I did just that. This was such a liberating experience, because I feel like a butterfly that has just left their cocoon, ready to embark on a new journey.

The charity I chose to donate to is called ‘Pink Heart Funds’ they specialise in creating wigs for children who have suffered from hair loss due to various diseases. I chose this specific charity, as I couldn't find a single charity within the UK that accepted Afro hair donations. However, this charity accepts all hair donations from any ethnicity! If you would like to donate, all you need to do is measure your hair to make sure it's at least 10” long. Then just stick it in a ponytail and chop! Once you've done this, you seal it in a zip lock style bag, envelope it and send it off! (More information on this can be found on the pink heart funds official website)

Antoniadoux After Big Chop

What hints/tips would you give someone starting their natural hair journey?

For anyone wanting to start their natural hair journey, I would just tell you to stop waiting around and just do it! Once you're in the deep end you’ll have no choice but to swim to shore! And although the road will be hard at times, you will get through it! This is a fantastic journey of getting to know yourself, and your “roots” (literally).

What advice would you give to others who want to start a blog?

The same advice from my last response would apply to anyone wanting to start a blog. Just do it. However, in this case I want you to know WHY you want to start a blog, WHO you want to start a blog for and WHAT your purpose is. Don't try to copy another because it will never work out, be you and love what you do. Everything else will fall into place.

What are you currently learning about your blogging business?

Blogging has taught me to be consistent, I'm learning more about myself and others each day, and the true essence of earning what you want.

Would you do anything differently?

There isn't a single thing I would do differently. Everything happens for a reason, and I feel that the position I am in today is the position I need to be in, to become the person I aspire to be in ten years’ time.

Can you tell me three things you are grateful for?

I am grateful for the gift of life, the air I breathe, my legs to walk on, my eyes to see through, my beautiful brain and brown skin. The people I have in my life, the followers and subscribers I have, the roof over my head. My brown skin! The challenges, trials and tribulations I've come across that have given me strength, and all the beautiful moments I have experienced as well as the ones to come.

Lastly, @Bar London for giving me this opportunity of course!

How can we connect with you? Can you tell us your social media platforms?


Facebook: Antoniadoux

Instagram @antoniadoux_

Twitter: @antoniadoux_

Youtube: Antoniadoux

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