Summer Nail Colours

Summer is coming, allegedly! When it does we should be ready to bring out gorgeous feet, painted with bright and beautiful nails, right?

So, now is the time to check out the selection of nail varnishes available at our boutique.

MYNX London Cafe Latte

First of all, it is a good idea to plan a couple of pedicures in the next few months to tidy up any nails and prettify any rough skin or dry heels. We all hide our feet in boots and shoes most of the year, but we should really try to show these tootsies some love more often. Look for gentle scrubs that you can use at home once a week or so, to keep that fresh from the salon pedicure and make sure you’re ready for that one day of glorious sunshine we didn’t expect to have!

And use a nice foot cream when you can too, makes all the difference.

Now let’s talk nails. Are you the adventurous type or do you want subtle nails? Do you want your hands and feet to match or are you happy to mix it up? Some of us love to go crazy with bright colours or glittery effects on our toes but play it safe on our hands? Why that is we don’t know as of course not everyone sees your feet on a daily basis, so it is easier to have fun. Anyway, the choice is yours.

If pinks and red hues are your thing, why not try Money Maker from L.O.G Cosmetics- a bright pinky red that really pops on all skin tones. If you want a more seductive approach, how about Vixen from M.Y.N.X London? A fiery red that will definitely get you noticed!

Some people like nude nails and so would go for Cream Puff, from M.Y.N.X London. This a nude base with a golden glow, easy to use and classy whilst being unique at the same time.

MYNX Cream Puff

Finally blue nails are never a bad idea, especially a rich cobalt like Ready or Not from LOG Cosmetics. This might not be the shade for shrinking violets but deep blue is definitely a style statement worth making!

L.O.G Cosmetics Ready Or Not

The main thing is to enjoy your colour and make sure it reflects how you feel. Check out our nail products to find a wide range of colours designed to match your skin tones. And let’s have a colourful summer, no matter what the weather decides to do!

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