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Brands We Love

Boutiquers, we want to share our love of beauty with you. We are proud to be able to bring you a fantastic selection of hair care, skin care, body products and make up, designed with YOU in mind. @Bar London champions brands that embrace the many different shades of beauty.

On this blog we want to take you on a journey behind the products and get deeper into the heart of the brands we are working with. Although nowadays it is easier to find foundation and lipstick to match your skin tone than it used to be, it’s fair to say that there is still room for improvement and who better to make cosmetics for women of all shades than other women – and men - of all shades! So we should be selling to each other too.

The idea behind our store is to give you all the choice we can – if you want a green nail varnish that pops against your skin tone then we have it. If you want that neon orange eye shadow then we have that too! Or if you want to look like a natural version of yourself, we have nude lipsticks that really are nude – not beige. And we have nude tights as well.

OwnBrown Nude Tights

In addressing the rich variety of skin tones, hair types and fashions, we are encouraging you to be the best versions of yourselves, support small businesses and have fun doing it. Why not? Beauty should make you feel good and happy and is a wonderful business to be in. We don’t all want to look the same every day so it is important to have choices.

Here @Bar London, we also believe that looking good helps you feel good, so we stock supplements to help hair growth, creams to improve the smoothness of your skin and products made from natural and organic ingredients.


So, please have a look at what’s in store and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or on social media.

Happy Shopping!






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