Behind The Brand- Afro Hair Solutions

We speak to Louisa Graver of Afro Hair Solutions about her journey in the natural hair industry and why she founded her brand.

What Is My Brand And What It Represents

Afro Hair Solutions, is a natural hair range aimed at Afro textured hair. The range is nourishing, strengthening and hydrating with no parabens, sulphates, silicones or any other ugly chemicals.

The products will transform dry, brittle hair into smooth, shiny strands this is because of the special blends of butter and essential oils. They will help strengthen hair and stimulate follicles, for long healthy strands.

Afro Hair Solutions believe in the importance of embracing natural hair, but we also recognise the difficulties that occur when caring for our hair such as dryness or breakage. Afro Hair needs daily moisture to stop breakage and help it become supple and elastic.

The entire range contains oils that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to prevent breakage and heal dry ends. They help to restore moisture, detangle hair and make your hair more manageable overall. Our products will help your hair look and feel at its best.

What Inspired Me?

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, particularly in the beauty industry.

In 2012, I suffered major setbacks to my hair. My hair was very damaged. I decided to research afro hair care and read The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. I realised I was doing many things wrong with my hair regimen. This is when I learned about things like chelating shampoos, deep conditioning etc.

It was frustrating to me that I couldn’t find affordable, natural hair products that catered towards afro-textured hair. So, I took a course on how to make “Hair Treatments”, and decided to make natural hair products. The products helped improve my hair so I decided to take it to market, to help men and women going through the same thing.

Although, I reached many goals, such as being mentioned in Black Beauty and Hair magazine and nominated for the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards, the road to success isn’t always easy.

What Challenges I Faced

I think the biggest hurdle for me was finding distributors. I would send out emails and phone different distributors – but I always received the same response or no response at all. It became quite disheartening to see no response.

I overcame this by making it part of my schedule, so every day I would set aside some time to work on my goals. Then I stuck to my plan. I created a calendar slot for it and treated it like a compulsory job. After a while, it just became a habit.

It was hard to stay motivated, especially when I couldn’t see any changes, but I never lost sight of my goals and remembered why I started this journey in the first place.

Where do I see Afro Hair Solutions in future?

I eventually would like Afro Hair Solutions to be popular worldwide and own a few shops, but I understand I need to be patient. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Where You Can Find Us:

Ankh Wellbeing Centre 10 Adelaide Grove Shepherd’s Bush London, W12 0JJ

G Baldwin & Co 171-173 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RW

Xsandy’s Hair & Beauty Lewisham Shopping Centre London SE13 7EX

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