Our 'Illuminate + Define' compact seamlessly defines your best facial features and gives a naturally radiant glow.  Fortified with Castor oil it moisturises and protects with vitamin E and antioxidants.

Also featuring a 3 in 1 light reflecting highlighter, concealer and easily blendable contour shade to create the long-lasting, perfect contouring blend for your chosen tone.

The Yellow concealer in this compact has been used to neutralise the purple/blue hues, veins and under eye circles and offers a bright base for your chosen foundation.  It also has a dual advantage of being used as an eyeshadow base.

Coupled with our highlighter that radiates the area it conceals sallow Olive tones and gives off Gold reflective elements.

Finish off by contrasting with the dark contour tone and define your chosen features.


Recommended for cool complexions.


Brysocrema - Illuminate + Define - Glorious Gold