When Marie-Claude, founder of Natur’Amour Cosmeceuticals, started having acne problems, she tried to find the root of the problem she discovered that not only her diet was wrong (indulging too much in milk chocolate and fatty food!) but also that the conventional skincare products she was using to supposedly cure acne were detrimental to her long term health because of the synthetic chemicals contained in them.


She then decided to turn to the so called ‘natural’ skincare range but to her surprise found that a lot of them were only natural by name.

Not finding what she wanted on the market place and out of frustration she decided to do use the ingredients found in her kitchen: honey, cucumber, eggs…you name it…she used it on her face. But this was not a sustainable solution. The smell and the texture were far from appealing.


So she decided to study, graduated as a natural cosmetic formulator and subsequently created a skincare line that she named Natur’Amour.


Being French, it was important to her to have a name that is representative of who she is and also of the message she wants to convey which is Nature’s Love for us; for she is a firm believer that Mother Nature provides remedies for all our skin needs.