AfroDeity Ltd. is an online store showcasing natural caribbean inspired products for hair & skin. Founded on the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in a descendants great interest in science.


AfroDeity was started by mother and daughter team Alicia and Joliette and is truly a family business. Both Alicia and Joliette suffered from hair loss and Alicia suffered from eczema. These problems were exacerbated by chemicals in products used to straighten curly kinky hair, lighten or cover up dark skin or other chemicals in everyday mainstream hair and skin products which were drying or damaging. Through social media and in the workplace we met many other women of colour with the same problem, lack of good natural products for our hair and skin type. We started to look into the products our ancestors had used to take care of their hair and skin. AfroDeity was born, offering a variety of high quality, new natural and organic caribbean inspired products to our customers and we only sell products we use ourselves.


Our main product line is our own brand of luxury Caribbean hair and skin goodness 'Joliette'. Alicia recently left her job where she worked as a drug surveillance scientist for just under eight years. Alicia and her mother Joliette (a former headmistress) founded AfroDeity on the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in Alicia’s great interest in science. As such combining beauty, science and their commitment to the rural Caribbean. We believe it is important to educate women of colour and help in embracing this aspect of our culture and accepting the versatility of our hair. We believe in the ability of our customers to be able to buy safe natural cosmetic products in the UK and EU. We believe in the ability of small Afro Caribbean businesses to market their businesses effectively to a wider audience. We believe in supporting small Caribbean businesses and famers, by giving them a platform for their products here in the UK and in the EU and so helping reinvigorate the caribbean agricultural industry.


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